“Excellence is a Choice”: Keynote at ATL Group’s Management Retreat

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to the leadership family at ATL Group for having me as a guest speaker at their annual Senior Management Retreat held recently.

“Excellence is a Choice” was my topic for the day, and it was very fitting because I genuinely believe that you should always choose to operate in excellence in every thing you do in life, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential, because you never know which action you take now will propel you upwards.

I spoke to the group about my journey growing up, and asking myself whether I would choose to do everything to the best of my ability or leave my excellence to be conditional. Of course, I chose the former, and that choice has directly impacted where I am today.

Every time I was given an opportunity outside of my current scope or knowledge, I learned everything I could and executed as well as I could, and only through that have I gotten more opportunities and built a career doing something I had no training or background knowledge on before starting.

A lot of us operate under the condition that we will only make the effort to perform excellently if we get that promotion or that bonus or that recognition we want. Instead, you have to realize that you will only get to that level and achieve these things if you operate in excellence from the beginning and all throughout, no matter what job you’re given.

Thanks again to the team for hosting me and I look forward to seeing more of the continued excellence we have come to expect from the ATL Group.

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