Building Our Nation

Terri-Karelle believes in nation building and does her part by using her platform to bring attention to causes she cares about and the organizations that support them. She’s most passionate about advocating for women’s development and at-risk youth.

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Raising the Next Generation

As a strong advocate for open, honest parenting, Terri-Karelle plays her part in helping to raise the next generation – whether it’s sharing her own parenting experiences, blogging for UNICEF, or playing an active part in activities that support growth for the most vulnerable of Jamaica’s children – such as the #OurSons initiative by B3 Parenting, Spring Brunch at a Juvenile Correctional Facility for Girls, and speaking at high schools across the country.

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Strength of Women

Women and girls are among the strongest, yet most vulnerable, of our population worldwide. Along with going into schools, homes and correctional facilities to speak with young girls, Terri-Karelle is actively involved in several causes that put a spotlight on these issues locally; particularly Eve For Life, a non-profit helping girls with HIV and AIDS.

Having an event for women’s development or at-risk youth?

Let Terri-Karelle know about it! She is always looking for lend her voice and platform to organizations and events supporting causes she cares about.