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Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Terri-Karelle is known for combining her quirky wit and storytelling ability to create an inspiring, energetic and unforgettable experience. Because of this, she remains at the top of the list of sought-after speakers for corporate events, with a special focus on leadership, branding, parenting and women’s empowerment.

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Panel Discussions

Panel discussions allow Terri-Karelle to vibe off other panelists and engage in spirited debates and exploratory discussions on matters, as she would around family and friends. She’s particularly interested in conversations about breaking beauty standards, building a personal brand and building businesses through use of brand storytelling and influencers.


Terri-Karelle also hosts and facilitates workshops geared at women, youth, corporate groups and small business owners. Activities like the JBDC’s Accelerator Programme allow her to interact one-on-one with workshop participants. She meets the audience where they are comfortable, sharing her knowledge and experience in a humorous yet relatable, non-judgmental tone, filled with valuable underlying messages.

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