Naomi Garrick – Lead PR Chick, Garrick Communications

“I have had the pleasure of working with Terri-Karelle on numerous occasions and for multiple events for my clients – she is always the go-to master of ceremonies for our clients at Garrick Communications. Why? – because she absolutely the best in the business.

When we use Terri, we know we know we are getting a top brass MC – she is always on-time, prepared and goes above and beyond her hosting duties – even surprising us by dialoguing in Spanish, because of our guests from Latin-America – all without being prompted to do so.

Terri is reliable, elegant, poised and always well researched in the area of which she has been tasked to speak – I would highly recommend Terri-Karelle Reid for any and all speaking engagements – she is a powerhouse of a woman and I believe you would be doing yourself and your guests a disservice to not have her host your next event or engagement.”

Tess-Marie Leon – Managing Director, PR Etcetera Ltd.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Terri on multiple occasions and I can confidently state that each time has been an absolute pleasure! She gets me!

Terri has always been the consummate professional; never overlooking even the tiniest of details, and most importantly always going above and beyond to ensure that my client’s needs are met. As an MC, Terri has the unique ability of capturing the audience’s attention and bringing new energy and life to any event from start to finish.

From my experience working with her, she seems to be well researched on the client/event so that she is knowledgeable and full aware on what to do and say. I enjoy working with her and I wish her all the best as she continues to work hard and provide realness to her audience! Nuff love.”

Stephanie Lugg-Lawrence – Senior Corporate Manager – Marketing, JMMB Group

“Partnering with Terri- Karelle Reid ‘Your Jamaican Girl’ is always an amazing experience. She is as authentic as it gets – her infectious energy, sense of humour and genuine love for what she does resonates with her audience, as they are always completely captivated. Terri is a confident, articulate and interative presenter. We enjoy partnering with her every time!”

Tina Hamilton Ashman – Brand Manager, CB Group

“When it comes to hosting affairs Terri Karelle Reid has become the first person that I call. Whether it’s large fancy affairs for 500 or intimate table talks with a few, she brings professionalism, understanding, poise, grace and most importantly fun. She is always well prepared and extremely relatable, regardless of the type of crowd.

This is a rare gift. A host can make or break an event experience and because of her, my events are always memorable – in a very good way.”

Allison Hickling – Communication Specialist, UNICEF Jamaica

“Our team at UNICEF Jamaica worked closely with Terri-Karelle during the “Keep Children Safe” initiative in 2016, which involved her hosting a series of public sessions about violence against children. These were challenging topics to cover, including sexual abuse. We needed someone with just the right balance – passionate enough to connect with the audience in an emotionally authentic way; well-informed and intelligent enough to ask probing and clarifying questions; and sensitive enough to engage children in the room with warmth and empathy.

Not only did Terri-Karelle fit the bill perfectly (with added zest!), she went beyond her role as host to offer us insights and ideas that shaped the series. We learned quickly that Terri-Karelle cares deeply about the rights of children and about using her position of influence to make sure we always serve, advocate and act in their best interests.”

L. Stuart Reid – Asst Gen Mgr, Product & Sales Mgmt – Retail Banking, NCB Jamaica

“In 2018, Dr Terri-Karelle Reid was one of two Masters of Ceremonies at the premier sales awards event of the NCB Financial Group. A key ask for the MCs was to ensure that the event was managed tightly whilst ensuring a seamless flow. Terri-Karelle managed the event with aplomb, a high degree of professionalism, warmth and humour. All deliverables were met. Dr Reid is without doubt one of the best in her field.”

Michelle Gordon – Editor In Chief, B3 Parenting Magazine

“A professional encounter with Terri-Karelle is a lesson in excellence; excellence in effort, execution and elegance. I credit Terri-Karelle as Jamaica’s most vested event host/moderator, taking on the persona of the event and representing with full heart and soul. For me, she has raised the bar insofar as premium events are concerned.

I actually felt super special that she seemed to have taken a genuine interest in my project. Our first meeting told me that she had done her due diligence, knowing more details about the requirements than expected. More importantly, Terri-Karelle is a master at ‘making lemonade out of lemons’ – a critical component for the execution any event. I was even more impressed when I learned that although I thought I was extra special, this is her M.O. – committed, thorough and dedicated.”

Nicole Campbell – Marketing Manager – Payments & eChannels, Sagicor Group Jamaica

“I don’t know where to begin with Terri-Karelle but I will start here. Anyone who hires this female powerhouse is going to get way more than the bargained for! Terri is not only extremely polite and professional but she knows how to handle just about any difficult situation. I’ve seen her gracefully rectify protocol faux pas made by other speakers at events, rearrange agendas on the spot to help keep programmes moving smoothly and loosen up even the toughest of audiences with her wit and charm. This lady can certainly think on her feet, and did I also mention that she is bilingual? Honestly, when you hire Terri-Karelle Reid for an event you really don’t need to worry about anything – I promise you she will most definitely have everything covered. She is worthy every single penny!”

Shauna Cushnie – Producer, Smile Jamaica TVJ

“Terri-Karelle has always been my go to personality when I need a guest host for Smile Jamaica. In fact I would love to have her as a regular on the show, if only her schedule would allow. One of the things I admire about Terri is her ability to blend in yet stand out. She could be paired with any presenter, veteran or newbie, male or female, her personality always lights up the set.I don’t know how she does it but she manages to establish a chemistry with whoever she works with.

Even though she isn’t a regular host of Smile Jamaica the viewers have bonded with her. Whenever she is on she creates a buzz on Smile’s social media pages. It could be her relatable yet unpredictable personality or her refreshing perspective on topical issues, viewers undoubtedly love her.

Of all her amazing qualities the best thing about working with Terri is that she gets the job done in a highly professional manner.”

Earl Wilkinson – Executive Director and CEO, International News Media Association

“A few years ago, Terri was working at The Gleaner and attending a seminar of the International News Media Association (INMA) in Miami. After an evening when too many of the 100 attendees enjoyed a little too much of Miami, the Friday morning started with this person from Jamaica (Terri) called to the front of the room to give away a prize from home, a bottle of rum.

SILENCE (hangovers) … THEN BOOM (Terri)!

In my long career of running conferences, I’ve never witnessed a person suddenly “own” a room through the force of her personality, the content of her character, and her style. Who IS Terri-Karelle Reid? The more I learned about Terri, the more I thought she might be a perfect fit for our re-christened Global Media Awards dinner held at the INMA World Congress of News Media. That she has a background in news media was a bonus. And over the past five years – from New York venues like Times Square’s Edison Ballroom and the historic Harvard Club to London’s Victoria & Albert Museum – she has dazzled audiences emceeing this awards dinner. Sometimes a script. Sometimes extemporaneous. Yet always authentic. And cool under pressure.

Like that genesis moment in Miami, Terri is one-of-a-kind. She captures the hearts and imaginations of our members from around the world. She is family to my members and my team. Her personality, character, and style translate far beyond Jamaica. In my book, she’s Broadway. “

Sereana Dunkley – Producer, Sportsmax Limited

“I have only worked with Terri-Karelle Reid a few time in the last few years. Each of those experiences have been nothing but extremely professional and absolutely pleasant. I have found that not many hosts are able to seamlessly adapt to the changing circumstances of a live broadcast and Terri-Karelle is one of those who can. She maintains high energy during her projects while carrying out a producer’s vision to the tee. She is respectful and polite to the all persons who she interacts with. In short Terri-Karelle Reid is a producer’s dream talent.

Kim Bernard – Group Marketing Manager, Stewart’s Automotive Group

“I had to ask myself a million times how do I write this testimonial. Google advises that a testimonial is “a written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or written statement of recommendation; something given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude.”

Not sure what else I need to say as I think the world has seen TK’s character, how she conducts herself, what she values, what she stands for and against, how grateful she is for the simplest and smallest things/gestures and last, but surely not least, how she slayyysss…..sorry, excels at any and EVERYTHING she does.

This has been Terri-Karelle from the 1st day I met her in 2005, when presenting her with the keys to her 2005 MINI Cooper S. How amazing she has been since that day until now. Her attitude towards friends, family, co-workers, strangers, employers has NEVER changed.

I have had the privilege to work with her on a number of events. TK does her research, is on time, and ensures that if there are issues, the guests/attendees would never have a clue and she will ‘wing it’. She is COMMITTED, to the point and places her heart in everything she does.”

Nordia Brown – Owner, Beat By Nordz

“Choosing the right representation for your brand is one of the most important investment a business can make, so partnering with Terri-Karelle was a no brainer. In fact, it has been one of the best decisions that I have made for my small business. Not only did I receive a boost in followers for my business page but with each tag came a lot of inquiries that converted into sales. My favourite part about working with her is how organic she makes the promotions. Looking forward to a lifetime partnership, TK!”

Sharon Shroeter – Producer, Digicel Rising Stars

“What can I say about Terri-Karelle? I’m sure everyone has already used the adjectives fun, charming, beautiful, smart, motivating amongst many others to describe her, and they are all true.

When I met Terri, I felt as if I knew her years before, I even had to check if I did. Working with her over the years on Digicel Rising Stars, to be honest, she makes my job easy. She allows me to explore my extra creative side, especially during auditions, and she is an expert on deciphering coded scripts that are written in the middle of the night. She treats everyone as if they have been friends for years and that’s important as a host who’s trying to calm nerves and be reassuring.

What I don’t think Terri knows is that the contestants who make the annual trek to auditions rely on her energy and her smile to let them know that everything will be alright (even when Anthony tells them they need to go and seek another profession).”

Trusha Beecham – Owner & Creative Director, Sabritru

“Terri has been such a great asset to the Sabritru brand. She is a trustworthy individual with a genuine spirit and vibrant personality that resonates with our clients.  Terri has a natural eye for detail and displays impressive business awareness.  With Terri on our team, Sabritru has reached new demographics as she comes with loyal followers that appreciate her honesty about our brand. She has such a unique style and is never afraid to take risks which makes our work easier and showcases our variety in fashion. She is extremely easy to work with and gives us honest and valid feedback to push ourselves as a brand. If you get Terri’s stamp of approval you know you are doing something right. “

Tracy-Ann Fletcher – Assistant Marketing Manager, Toyota Jamaica Ltd.

“I could say so much but there is not enough space to capture the true essence of who Terri-Karelle Reid is as an individual, master of ceremonies, brand ambassador, influencer, motivator and more. Just book her for your next event to see for yourself. Terri-Karelle caught my attention from her role as a host on television and has been entertaining me on her various platforms for years. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Terri-Karelle as Toyota Jamaica’s brand ambassador. Terri is intentional, easy to work with, understanding and always willing to give insightful ways to make every idea/event a success. She always ensures that the Toyota brand as well as her own is represented with a level of authenticity and passion. It wasn’t until this partnership that I was able to confirm and confidently speak about Terri’s fun, professional, authentic personality that I have been seeing on television/social media for years. I admire the level of preparation Terri puts into a job that many may deem “simple” however her dedication to each client and their expectation is commendable and inspiring. From owning her role, to understand her audience, to dressing in accordance with a brand, Terri’s attention to details to deliver her best is not to be overlooked or underestimated. The energy and professionalism she brings to any task at hand makes her truly remarkable. 

I am elated to have meet and work with Terri-Karelle and looking forward to many more memorable experiences. As a Brand Ambassador, Toyota Jamaica couldn’t have been paired with a more fitting person. She is #myinfluencer #ourbrandambassador #yourjamaicangirl”

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski – Personal Branding Strategist, Think Natalia

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Terri at the #ClassroomWithoutWalls initiative in Singapore. She delivered an outstanding keynote on the topic community building and thought leadership (and how to use social media as a tool for it). Dr. Terri is the incarnation of edutainment for me. She did not only drop tons of value bombs, she also made us laugh tears due to her incredible stories, passion for people, raw authenticity and high-level energy. I cannot wait to share the stage again with her in the near future. This woman is a rockstar and just started to scratch on the surface of unleashing her full potential. We, the world, will hear and see her more often and on bigger stages very soon. I am 100% sure.”