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The Art of Differentiation doesn’t have to be frustrating, difficult, or unattainable. The older we get, the more we believe we don’t have much to offer that is different or unique. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Regardless of your position, role or phase in life, you can stand out from the very noisy and mundane crowd. Let’s discuss!

the art of differentiation:ThinGs To Consider

Competitive World.

In an increasingly competitive world it has become even more important to stand out in your respective field, industry or general space. Blending in, being cookie cutter and cliche won't be the order of the day. Worry less about your competition and focus more on the art of differentiation

Leaving behind a Legacy

If you are thinking of serving a purpose beyond yourself, it will require you, more often than not, to go against the grain. Change makers, pioneers, innovators, "originals" all challenged the status quo and mastered the art of differentiation by standing for or fighting for something that no one else did or would. Legacy builders are masters of differentiation.

Differentiation is more than upskilling

Contrary to popular belief, the art of differentiation isn't limited to to upskilling, upgrading your academic qualifications or merely expanding your capabilities, it actually requires a development or even mastery of soft skills that are barely considered.

what you'll Learn

There are many ways to differentiate but we will discuss 10 subtle but practical ways to stand out from the crowd whether personally or professionally.

What to Bring to the webinar

Bring your curiosity and keep an open mind
Make note of our questions (there is no silly question)
Stay hydrated
...oh and don't be late, it's first come, first serve


Event Details


Sunday, April 11, 2021


2:00 pm-3:00 pm