“Rejection does not diminish my value.”

Redirection with Terri-Karelle

Welcome to Redirection with Terri-Karelle!

Rejection most times is the REDIRECTION we need to unlock our truest potential. Life puts us in some uncomfortable and unexpected situations despite our efforts and plans. So, how do we look at failures as opportunities? How do we deal with life’s uncertainties, identify some losses as wins all while not labelling ourselves as total losers or failures?

The Redirection with Terri-Karelle podcast will welcome guests from a wide cross-section- young, old, and in between; male and female; students and professionals; those between jobs/careers, traversing unexpected experiences and still navigating the unknown. Some turned disappointments into dreams.

It’s time to share our stories with a powerful perspective and redefine the terms failure and success. Let’s BRACE, take cues, apply the right mindset and attitude then EMBRACE all that comes. 

It is my hope that even one listener leaves inspired.

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Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid


The Redirection with Terri-Karelle podcast was inspired by my own story of having graduated as a Dr in Veterinary Med (from Cuba), dealing with accreditation issues at home, changing course, navigating unfamiliar territory, and charting a new path. It came with disappointments and rejection but they led to places I never imagined or dreamt of.

Dr. Stevens Bohomme


Dr Stevens Bonhomme

From Haiti to the USA, from speaking Haitian Creole and French exclusively to being a self-taught English speaker, from packing boxes in a warehouse to becoming a Client Success Manager at Microsoft, Dr. Stevens Bonhomme shows us how it pays to believe in oneself, stay the course, set goals and timelines and aim higher even when you are already at the top!

Toni-Ann Lalor


Toni-Ann Lalor

If go-getter was a person it would be Toni-Ann Lalor. From being uprooted from Portmore and moving to Manchester, she learns to farm to fuel her dream of becoming an actress.  Her dreams are crushed but life takes her to Japan and the 2019 Miss Universe Jamaica pageant. She also received the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence in Youth Development. She embraced all new opportunities but ultimately returned to farming where she now operates her own farm. 

Kevin Gordon


Kevin Gordon

You are not defined by your past. From being kicked out of school, not maximizing on second chances and having no clear goal in mind, Kevin Gordon would take his losses, start from the bottom, change his attitude and approach, deepen his relationship with God and work his way up from technician to CEO of one of the largest international mobile phone network and home entertainment providers. 

Yolande Gooden-Rhoden


Yolande Kumea Gooden-Rhoden

From experiencing self-doubt and self-worth issues to boldly starting a venture which would transition from just being a mere side hustle to a bonafide local beauty brand, Yolande Kumea Gooden-Rhoden will show us that life doesn’t always work out how we expected and that even when we are scared to take that leap, do it anyway. Learn from the mistakes, continue to grow and never give up. Meet the mompreneur, founder and CEO of Kumea’s Hair Perspective, author, and legit woman of God. 

Senator Dr Floyd Morris


Senator Floyd Morris

“Walk by faith, not by sight” literally describes Senator Dr. Floyd Morris. He was a top academic student who started losing his sight at the age of 15 and as a result, saw his grades plummet and eventually graduated high school without a single subject. What he would become years later, is nothing short of amazing. His story is one of absolute redirection. 

Ibrahim "IB" Konteh


Ibrahim Konteh

I have known Ibrahim Konteh for years and yet I never knew he was from Sierra Leone. From escaping a civil war to becoming a refugee and finally settling in Jamaica, he is a testament that you are more than your circumstances. IB would go on to master entrepreneurship, brand management, event management and consultancy, banking and becoming an author. 

Patrice J White


Patrice J White

Patrice J White is the Personal Trainer to the Stars! And she did this by building the “Dynamic Lifestyle Training Studio” brand known for professionalism, fierce work ethics and sheer grit. What most wouldn’t know is how she got there. From childhood trauma to school fights, janitorial work to her battle with weight loss and breaking negative generational cycles. Her story is one for the books!

Antoinette "Toni" Aiken , OD


Antoinette Aiken OD

Put some respect on the name! Antoinette “Toni” Aiken was just recently awarded the National Award, Order of Distinction (OD) in the rank of Officer for her contribution to the Deaf Community. But here’s the catch, although she is a child of deaf adults C.O.D.A, being a sign language interpreter was never her interest or goal. She wanted to be a pilot! But rejection would shape her for the role she was always created to occupy and so much more. From the Deaf to the LGBTQ community, Toni has become the face of change and inclusivity.

John DaCosta


John DaCosta

From humble beginnings in Jones Town, Jamaica to simply living one day at a time with no concrete idea of what he wanted to be or do, John Dacosta would apply excellence in every role he was afforded and strive to be “the professional” in the room that now he is one of the go-to Lighting and Video Directors and Designers in the world! Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Maxwell, Maroon 5, Sean Paul and Demi Lovato just to name a few have experienced John’s prowess. His humility, calm personality, impeccable work ethics and servant leadership style make him the best in class. His name is John, but you can call him Superlighting Guy! 

Quidi-Ann King


Quidi-Ann King

Quidi-Ann King is no ordinary graduate. If perseverance had a face, it would be hers. Despite growing in one of the most volatile communities in Jamaica, seeing her mother shot at age 6 then reliving a similar trauma later on , she was determined to make it. At a very tender age, she made up her mind to plan, get an education, excel and make it out of the ghetto. Her story is one of determination, self-belief, fortitude and hard work. With her mom displaying the attitude of a strong, black woman, Quidi-Ann is the perfect example of the saying “we are not defined by our circumstances.” 

Keron Rose


Keron Rose

Keron Rose’s presence is undeniable but it is his scope of knowledge when it comes to e-commerce, building online businesses, perfecting content creation and empowering Caribbean entrepreneurs that are remarkable. His drive and impeccable work ethics make you wonder what got him here and more importantly what were the mico and macro moments that contributed to his amazing journey. He opens up about strained family relations, fatherhood, making grave errors and even prison time. His story proves that life isn’t linear, neither is it perfect. It also teaches us that we are the authors of our lives, capable of overcoming past mistakes, redefining our purpose and finding redemption. 

Professor Tanya Haye


Professor Tanya Haye

200 resumés…4 responses…3 “no thanks”..and 1 “let’s interview “

Life and plans have 2 different minds and outcomes. Professor Tanya Haye speaks about the repeated failure she experienced while pursuing a dream her father had for her, switching careers without telling her parents, migration, rejections to resumés and stumbling into a profession that was supposed to last for one year but became her calling for 31 years.

It is a message of possibilities and hope. You are going to love her candor, vivacious personality and positivity.

Serika Sterling (CPA)



Serika Sterling

Serika Sterling is “the little train that could”. Her presence is undeniably strong. She is positive, confident, outspoken, one of the leading CPAs in the country, founder and MD of Senior Accounting Services, and the founder of the Preemie Foundation in Jamaica. But when she shares her story, one quickly realises that she is more than a fighter, she is a survivor- taking the brutal cards that life dealt her and redefining the entire game for herself and others. She took many hits, had many disappointments and rejections. Abandonment, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and repeated failures, gave rise to this amazing Phoenix.

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Redirection with Terri-Karelle podcast

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Get ready to meet Professor Tanya Haye!

Over three decades ago, after failing repeatedly in the faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, Tanya gave up her unexamined dream of becoming a doctor and embraced her true calling as an educator.

After losing a job opportunity and with no plan B, she would try a career in teaching which was never her dream but rather a suggestion made by Miss Daphnie Morrison, the then vice-principal of St. Hugh’s. Ms. Morrison who was recruiting teachers at a job fair at UWI. Tanya committed to teaching for only one year. That one year has led to 31 years. Tanya enjoys discussing her journey from failure to a college professor, which she considers a message of possibilities and hope. You are going to love her candor, vivacious personality and positivity.

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