The Compass

Thank you for purchasing the “My Brand Compass: The 13 Cs To Building Your Personal Brand” audiobook.

The “My Brand Compass” workbook is a downloadable resource that accompanies the audiobook. In it you will find the following:

  1. The illustration of the Brand Compass which guides the listener through the parts and themes of the book.
  2.  The tasks/homework that complete each chapter. This allows the listener to internalize and apply the principles taught in each chapter.
  3. The relevant quotes that introduce chapters. These help to reinforce key messages.
  4. The various illustrations that help to add depth, interest, context and visuals to drive home salient points.

About The Author

Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid is authenticity personified. Known for her unique brand of excellence, intentionality, and generosity, she has carefully cultivated and nurtured a community of purpose and kindness.

Terri-Karelle is ‘Your Jamaican Girl’, a connector of dots, a modern woman humbled by the sacrifices of those who came before her; a powerful representation of the present, and a picture of what’s possible. As an author she builds on a solid reputation as a sought-after host, mom, philanthropist, qualified veterinarian, media personality, and original brand storyteller. Her work has taken her across the globe and ‘My Brand Compass’ is the next leg of her exciting journey to change lives and create legacies with practical brand building tools.

‘My Brand Compass’ is her debut as an author but this story is just getting started! Join the TK Tribe and become a member of the movement dedicated to changing the world one act of kindness at a time.

Available Now on Audible!

“My Brand Compass: 13 Cs To Building Your Personal Brand” is finally on Audible! 

The book is dedicated to the author’s grandmother, Millicent Audrey Scott, affectionately known as ‘Jeanie Baby.’ She is also the inspiration behind the urgency to get the audiobook version completed.

Upon receiving the first printed copy of the book, she lamented that her eyesight was going and that she wouldn’t be able to read the paperback. 

Terri-Karelle promised to convert the content into the audio version as a promise to her grandmother.

Well, promise made…promise kept.

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