INTERVIEW: “Terri-Karelle Reid, the narrative of a Jamaican media personality” in CaraibEtude Magazine

I was recently interviewed by the CaraibEtude magazine, where we talked about my experiences being a student in Cuba, thoughts on the current state of the Caribbean, as well as my career as a media personality and influencer. We also spoke about women’s empowerment, feminism and sexism in Jamaica.

Do you think sexism exists in Jamaican media as well as other sectors and if so, how do you deal with it?

I think sexism is so deeply ingrained in our society that people disguise it as culture. This far surpasses media. It is embedded in the very fabric of our society coupled with misogyny as witnessed with the violence our women face. Murder-suicides are very frequent in cases where women try to leave their spouses. Objectification and sexual harassment are still major problems in the workplace and on the street. Even with the global recognition of the ‘Me Too’ movement, Jamaica still remains far behind.

– “Terri-Karelle Reid, the narrative of a Jamaican media personality” by Martin Klôwè and Gabrielle Buddoo-Bordeaux

CaraibEtude is a magazine written by Caribbean students, with the goal of creating an exchange space that will foster a better understanding between young entrepreneurs, academics and Caribbean students to promote a “pan-Caribbean” society.

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