JMMB Her Wealth seminar explores achieving financial freedom

The JMMB Her Wealth seminar will cater to hundreds of women to discuss financial freedom. too many times, women are guilty of putting everyone before themselves. Women often times are the active savers in households, however, their savings are usually geared towards children’s continued education. We invest in our homes, partners and extended families but are we saving smartly? Are we investing? Are we preparing for our retirement?

I have been a customer of JMMB for years and they literally have your best interest at heart. They conceptualised the JMMB Her Wealth seminar as a way to educate women. The fact that it was a free event meant that lots of women were in a position to learn about preparing for their present and future smartly.

The JMMB Her Wealth Seminar team did a great job at securing three speakers, all women, all with different backgrounds. Patria-Kaye Aarons was a beast in the corporate world and left to start het own Sweetie business. Diana Samuels is still in the corporate world holding down her 9-5 but has a lucrative side hustle and there is Terri-Karelle Reid who recently left her 9-5 at The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited.

Each woman is still carving out her path and will have raw, honest conversations about their respective journeys to financial freedom and what that looks like for women as individuals. It is geared to be a dynamic and interactive session that will allow women of all ages and stages in life to learn about becoming more financially free.

Whether you are an intern, line staff, employer, start-up or CEO, we owe it to ourselves to do what’s in our best interest. we can’t pour from an empty cup and we wont be able to help our families we we aren’t making wiser financial decisions. It starts with knowledge and then applying that said knowledge wisely and in a manner that suits you and your lifestyle.

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