Spotlight on Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October 2019

One out of every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and we know that early detection is the best way to fight and survive this disease. Yet, most women never get scanned or tested if it doesn’t seem to run in the family. If there is no family history or evidence, we simply take it for granted that we are safe and out of reach.


Some of us wait until we are much older to finally get tested even though we see girls in their teens and young adults with Breast Cancer. Early detection is key!

That’s why I strongly support the activities held within Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in October each year, that not only promote the value of getting screened for early detection, but celebrate the powerful survivors and warriors who continue to live life to the fullest and thrive, despite their diagnosis.

#LiveWithFlair Luncheon

This year, I was honoured to play a part in four events commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness, one of which was hosting the #LiveWithFlair luncheon. Live with Flair is an initiative of Flair Jamaica that is committed to helping Breast Cancer Warriors and Survivors to continue their lifestyle because life does not end with your diagnosis.

Keep Abreast Luncheon

The Jamaica Cancer Society also invited me to host its premiere fundraiser, the “Keep Abreast” luncheon. The proceeds help to fund the campaigns to build awareness, extensive research, procurement of mammography equipment and provide screening and treatment for those who cannot afford it. It also goes towards the Jamaica Reach To Recovery arm of the Cancer Society, which is comprised of survivors who offer emotional, physical and financial support to those fighting the disease.

ICWI Pink Dash

Before the annual Pink Run event, we have the Pink Dash, where corporate teams gather in the pinkest outfits they can find to compete and raise awareness for breast cancer. This year, as with previous years, I was proud to join sponsors Toyota Jamaica and the #DrivingHope team on this mission. The Flow Jamaica team happened to be the fastest on that day, but there are no losers in the race when we’re all running for a good cause.

We weren’t the only ones to show out in pink! Thanks to the team at Toyota Jamaica, Skylar and a few select Rav4s were rocking pink too! We did this in hope that when we’re spotted traversing the island, it will remind everyone to get screened, because we all know early detection is key!

PS. If you really want to know the full story on what was happening in these photos, then you need to check out the captions on my LinkedIn post about the event.

ICWI Pink Run

With only a week to recover after my strenuous Pink Dash efforts, I was off with Toyota Jamaica’s #DrivingHope team once again to run/walk for breast cancer at the annual ICWI Pink Run. In the last five years, ICWI/Jamaica Reach to Recovery Pink Run has raised over 10 million and assisted some 500 persons affected by breast cancer, so I make it a personal mission to support it each year.

We continue to pray for and support each and everyone woman who will benefit from the proceeds from these events! I hope to see even more participants and supporters at these events next year, because as long as breast cancer rages on, we’ll be here to fight it.