“Legguh Di Fear!” Interview on TVJ Smile Jamaica

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on the island’s favourite morning programme, TVJ’s ‘Smile Jamaica’ on the topic, “Legguh Di Fear: How to Embrace Pursuing New Dreams”. (Translation: Let Go of Fear)

During the segment, hosted by dear friend and colleague, Simone Clarke-Cooper, I shared my of studying veterinary medicine in Cuba, but then coming home to the shocking news that I wouldn’t be able to practice in Jamaica, and how that seemingly disastrous roadblock ended up being one of the best things that happened to me, as it allowed me to find my current path and embrace a whole new career as a media personality, host and speaker.

However, I would never have been able to get here had I not let go off the fear of jumping into something new and pursuing it regardless of the obstacles that lay ahead.

Fear told me that I wasn’t qualified. That I couldn’t do it. That I would fail. Yet, I chose to try anyway, learn along the way and most importantly, view the mistakes I made as opportunities to learn even more and become better.

The interview was short but jam-packed with some interesting tips and advice that I hope will help anyone going through similar circumstances.

Watch the full interview below, and share your thoughts with me @terrikarelle on Instagram or Twitter.