PROFILE: “Terri-Karelle’s Bag Ah Tings” in Flair Magazine

Photos by Danik Frazer, Gleaner Company (Media) Ltd.

It’s hard to miss the incoming of one of Jamaica’s sweethearts, Terri-Karelle Reid, as she entered the Toyota Jamaica Coffee Shop. Modelesque and black-swan chic in her monochrome outfit, a ruffled-sleeve blouse and black elongating ripped jeans, even the other patrons stopped their clacking to pay attention. It’s no wonder the people there lost focus, it was the indomitable Terri-Karelle, equipped with her bright, friendly smile and sure gait, even in pumps. “Hi!” she greeted and leaned in for a quick hug before sitting.

Terri-Karelle chose the space and, given the large windows letting in lots of natural light, along with the comfortable and stylish seating, it made complete sense.

“I’m kind of a neat freak,” she warned before she opened the flap of her Jamaican-made Bresheh backpack revealing the neatly organised contents inside and kicking off this week’s ‘What’s in your bag?’.

Thanks to Flair Magazine and the Gleaner for featuring me in their “What’s In Your Bag” series. Check out the full article on Flair Magazine’s website.