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Dr. Terri Karelle Reid, the veterinarian-turned-media personality, is the Caribbean’s leading event host, an award- winning Media and Communications practitioner, an internationally acclaimed speaker, TV personality, author and community builder. With her captivating presence and magnetic energy, Terri-Karelle has become a force to be reckoned within the world of events and entertainment which has earned her a place as one of the Most Influential People Of African Descent (MIPAD) Class of 2023 Global Top 100 list (40 under 40).

Terri-Karelle has built a reputation anchored in excellence and integrity. This bilingual dynamo has a penchant for paying attention to details, solving problems, fostering great relationships, surpassing expectations and advocating for causes she is passionate about. She has mastered the art of communication, online branding and storytelling and has thrilled audiences across the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the USA.

Terri-Karelle launches her first book 'My Brand Compass'


A 13-point blueprint that has helped to deliver real influence, build purposeful communities, and demonstrate thought leadership
Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid is a headliner at 2023 JMMB Elevate


A TEDx speaker who is a highly engaging, knowledgable, and master storyteller. She captivates diverse audiences all over the world.

Event Host

Serving clients all over the world with authenticity, passion, zest and energy, setting the tone no matter the audience or subject matter.
Terri-Karelle Reid hosts Season 19 of Digicel Rising Stars

TV Host

A quirky combination of earthy wit, adaptability and ebullience grounded in excellence, grace and elegance.



I take pride in every aspect of my work and commit to honesty, integrity and accountability. Each workshop, project, event or speaking engagement I accept aligns with my principles, values and ethics.


I always bring my true self to everything I do and I am not afraid to put my personality (quirky, bubbly, goofy, witty etc.) on display. I take comfort in knowing and celebrating that I operate optimally when I do so authentically.


I am grounded in the ideology that service to others can't occur without respect. Every human being regardless of title, role, background, economic status, race or religion deserve kindness, empathy and respect. Meaningful relationships are built from respect.


Passion is my driving force. I dive into work with unshakable commitment, dedication and a sense of ownership. I approach all engagements with excitement, curiosity and unbridled energy. My passion reminds me everyday why I serve.

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Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) in the Class of 2023 - Global Top 100 Under 40 Edition recognises Terri-Karelle Reid in "Media & Culture"
Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) inducts Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid in the 2023 Global Top 100 Under 40
Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid is the 2023 Gleaner Flair’s Distinguished Awardee for Media and Communications
Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid lands the cover of the Caribbean Airlines inflight magazine, Caribbean Beat March/April 2023
Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid lands the cover of the Caribbean Airlines inflight magazine, Caribbean Beat March/April 2023
Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid graces the cover of the BossMom Magazine 10th 0th Anniversary Commemorative Issue
Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid graces the cover of the BossMom Magazine 10th 0th Anniversary Commemorative Issue

Terri-Karelle Makes History at TEDx

On September 25, 2021, Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid delivered her TEDx Talk entitled “Untapped Conversations With Kids” at Aston University in Birmingham, UK. This was the first time a Jamaican woman delivered a TEDx Talk in that territory. It was also one of the few TEDx Talks that was held in-person during the pandemic. Her presentation was published on the TEDx platform in January 2022.


Terri-Karelle Reid
"I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid at the #ClassroomWithoutWalls initiative in Singapore. She delivered an outstanding keynote on the topic: Community Leadership and Thought Leadership (and how to use social media as a tool for it). Dr. Terri is the incarnation of edutainment. She did not only drop tons of value bombs, she also made us laugh to tears due to her incredible stories, passion for people, raw authenticity and high-level energy. I cannot wait to share another stage with her in the near future. This woman is a rockstar and just started to scratch the surface of unleashing her full potential."
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski
Personal Branding Strategist
Earl Wilkinson
"Over the past 5 years-from New York venues like Times Square's Edison ballroom and the historic Harvard Club to London's Victoria & Albert Museum- Terri-Karelle Reid has dazzled audiences emceeing this award dinner. Sometimes a script, sometimes extemporaneous. Yet always authentic and cool under pressure. Like that genesis moment in Miami, Terri-Karelle is one-of-a-kind. She captures the hearts and imaginations of our members from around the world. she is family to my members and my team. Her personality, character and style translate far beyond Jamaica. In my book, she's Broadway."
Earl Wilkinson
Executive director & CEO, International News Media Association (INMA)
Sereana Dunkley
"I had only worked with Terri-Karelle Reid in the last few years. Each of those experiences has been nothing but extremely professional and absolutely pleasant. I have found that not many hosts are able to seamlessly adapt to be changing circumstances of a live broadcast and Terri-Karelle maintains high energy during her projects while carrying out a producer's vision to the tee. She is respectful and polite to all the persons who she interacts with. In short, Terri-Karelle is a producer's dream talent."
Sereana Dunkley
Producer, Sportsmax Limited
Janet Smythe
Terri hosted our Platform Launch. I had been watching her before and decided she was the right fit for this Launch. We were extremely happy with how well she did. She was fully prepared, comfortable with what we were launching 'Sabu" and engaged our audience. A fantastic host, a larger than life personality, someone I would recommend highly for any area as a host and motivational speaker. There is really no limit to what she can do, I am expecting even greater things from Terri. She represents our People, Culture and Country well...
Janet Smythe
CEO/Senior Project Manager- Choice Business Solutions Ltd.
“I've seen her gracefully rectify protocol faux pas made by other speakers at events, rearrange agendas on the spot to help keep programmes moving smoothly and loosen up even the toughest of audiences with her wit and charm...when you hire Terri-Karelle for an event, you really don't need to worry about anything- I promise you, she will most definitely have everything covered. She is worth every single penny ”
Nicole Campbell-Robinson
Head of Marketing, Jamaica & Trinidad, Mastercard
Jeanette Lewis
"During 2019, Terri-Karelle supported our team as a motivational speaker to the students who received the 2019 BGLC Education Grant. As anticipated, Terri-Karelle was amazing. I believe what makes her truly superb, is her awe-inspiring ability to establish a meaningful and authentic connection with people. After delivering a powerful presentation to our Education Grant recipients. Terri-Karelle took the time to speak with every individual who wanted to meet her. I observed that she gave her full attention to everyone she spoke with, and made each know they had her undivided attention. She did not leave the event until she had spoken to the last person waiting for her."
Jeanette C. E. Lewis
Communications Strategist, BGLC
"A professional encounter with Terri-Karelle is a lesson in excellence; excellence in effort, execution and elegance. i credit Terri-Karelle as Jamaica's most vested event host/moderator, taking on the persona of the event and representing with full heart and soul. for me, she has raised the bar insofar as premium events are concerned."
Michelle Gordon
Editor in Chief, B3 Parenting Magazine
Gail Abrahams commends Terri-Karelle
Dr. Terri- Karelle Reid is a phenomenal communicator who has consistently shown the world at large her strong communication skills, while being a strong influencer to young people. She has great work ethics and is a professional at her very core. Kudos to Terri-Karelle.
Gail Abrahams
Dr. Terri Karelle Reid, where do I start. I've been monitoring Dr. Reid for about two months before I approached her, I found her very captivating and very authentic. She even got me to listen to one of her 8 minute videos. Terri hosted our first ever Disruptive Leadership Conference in November 2019. She is the consummate professional, she is also witty and fun. When she arrived in Grenada, it's as if we had known each other before, she's very warm and personable. She jumped right into the role and even suggested ways that we could improve to make the conference a greater success. Dr. Reid is as authentic offline as she is online. She was engaging, kept things upbeat and to time. Based on the feedback from the conference participants, Terri-Karelle is now the permanent host of the Disruptive Leadership Conference. Thank you Dr. Reid, you are a rockstar. You are one to watch.
Judy McCutheon
Founder of GOBlue
Stella DaSilva
There is no way that vou meet Terri in person and vou don't love her. Her warmth and kindness is the first thing that stands out when you first meet her. Then you get to watch her in action, on stage, on zoom and then marvel at how she captures her audience. I was privileged to spend some quality time with this amazing human being one to one for a few days in Singapore a couple of years ago and a friendship ensued. Jamaica really has got a treasure is this multi talented host, motivator, supporter of business and of Jamaicans nationally and internationally. Terri, continue with you being you and continue to shine at home and internationally!
Stella DaSilva
International Trainer
Paul Newson
We host the International Association of Gaming Regulator's (IAGR) Gala Dinner in Montego Bay, Jamaica were thrilled to have Terri-Karelle on Wednesday 2 October. Our Gala Dinner is part of our annual conference event which attracts over 200 senior regulatory and industry leaders from around the world. Our 2019 event, themed Regulating the game, was a smashing success and Terri-Karelle was an outstanding choice for MC immediately capturing the audience with her abundant charisma, energy and sophistication. The dinner celebrated the continued growth and success of IAGR and our 2019 conference delivered thought leadership and contest of ideas to advance effective and efficient regulation and foster a secure, vibrant, sustainable, safe and responsible industry. Terri-Karelle masterfully handled the formal parts of the evening with Jamaican vibrancy and charm. A wonderful dinner and thank you to TK for her amazing contribution.
Paul Newson
Principal at Senet Advisory
Ruth Howard
Working with Terri-Karelle was an absolute pleasure. She is the very definition of team spirit. Her energy, passion, exuberance are undeniable and simply contagious. She has an uncanny ability to see beyond the obvious and ask insightful, thought-provoking questions that help to move a team, company or product forward. She's also sharp, smart and very dedicated to excellence - a quick wit with a knack for creative problem-solving. I believe people can cultivate personality traits and personal discipline which will allow them to excel in any field. Terri-Karelle is an example of that. Wherever she goes, she brings her special brand of diligence and determination that simply will get the job done.
Ruth Howard
Gender Advocate| Ubuntu United Nations Delegate

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