‘My Brand Compass’ makes UWI’s Top 75 Books for 2023

How do you define a “Must read book”? It might be a new offering from a beloved author or a deep dive into a timely subject or a story that has generated unusual enthusiasm among editors and other reading enthusiast but one thing’s for certain: these are the books that create a “buzz” and create momentum and impact in the weeks, months and years either before or after their publication.

 As part of the Announcement of the University of the West Indies’ 75th anniversary initiatives, the university’s top “75 books you should read during 2023” was announced and making the ranking was Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid’s personal branding self-help book titled My Brand Compass: the 13C’s to building your personal brand. Dr. Reid joins ranks with several other noteworthy authors including Former US First Lady Michelle Obama, Former Jamaican Prime Ministers Michael Manley, Edward Seaga, and PJ Patterson, Jamaican National Hero Marcus Garvey, famed Jamaican Poet Louise Bennett-Coverley and many others.

According to Reid, “It’s truly an honour. Many of these books on this list are some of my favourites growing up and others have made it on my yearly reading list. To be given this recognition as a first-time author is certainly humbling and I don’t take the recognition for granted at all,” the former TEDx speaker shared.

The University of the West Indies opened its first campus in Mona, Jamaica 75 years ago when the decision was taken on January 7, 1947, when the governing body of the University College of the West Indies—a branch of the University of London intended to serve British colonies—assembled for its first meeting in the House of the British Council in Jamaica. It was at this first meeting that a decision was taken for lands at Mona, Jamaica to be used for establishing the first campus of The University of the West Indies. One year later, on October 3, 1948, the Campus welcomed its first class of 33 medical students.

The UWI’s 75th anniversary initiatives are purposely designed and aligned to reflect on its past, confront the present, and articulate plans for its future across all five campuses as well as internationally, through partner associations and affiliates.

The UWI 75th anniversary is celebrated under the theme: UWI at 75. Rooted. Ready. Rising.

Here’s a link to the full listing of the Top 75 books: https://libguides.uwi.edu/c.php?g=1284227