Hosting the Go Blue Caribbean Leadership Conference in Grenada 2019

As a newbie to LinkedIn (only 6 months in), I decided to focus less on the algorithm and nuances of the platform, and instead stay true to myself by sharing my journey, core values and stories about the work I’m doing. It is by being authentically me that I’ve been able to connect with others, build a community and receive amazing opportunities.

One such opportunity on LinkedIn came recently when Judy McCutcheon, the Managing Partner of management consulting and training company, Go Blue Inc, invited me to host her upcoming event, the inaugural staging of the Go Blue Leadership Conference…in Grenada!

Here’s the kicker. Judy and I had never met! We had interacted briefly on LinkedIn, where she saw the posts I made about my life and work. She reached out because of how I showed up everyday. She reached out because of how I value my clients and because of how I go out of my way to ensure the success of a client’s event. That was enough to convince her that I was the right person for the role.

I was only happy to accept the invitation, as it was not only an opportunity to meet and work with some of the best minds in leadership in the Caribbean, but to explore the beautiful “Spice Island” of Grenada.

It was such a wonderful experience to host this event. The audience was filled with CEOs, directors, management teams, entrepreneurs and executives – all eager to soak up all the knowledge that the speakers shared on disruptive leadership.

It was also a true pleasure to work with Judy throughout the planning and staging of the event. It was such an awe-inspiring moment to see your dream fully manifested. I was honoured to play a small role.

Before leaving, I also got the chance to explore the entire island of Grenada all in one fun-filled day, and I have nothing but good things to say about the experience. The warmth and hospitality of the people, the beauty of the island, the orderliness and civility exhibited towards locals and visitors alike, it was truly something to behold. I thought of Jamaica’s vision 2030 and said Grenada is a country that I would actually choose to live, work, raise family and do business NOW.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the welcome reception and conference.