FEATURE: “Terri-Karelle’s top ten books of 2019”

Books! If you follow me on social media, you know how much I love books! My grandma is responsible for my voracity. She taught me that readers are leaders and that there was immense knowledge to be gained by reading them. A part of my routine was reading, composition, dictation, spelling and the recitation of poems. Grandma Jean had me read content that stretched my imagination and whetted my appetite for more.

I will admit that the older I get, I have developed a bias for memoirs and non-fictional content. Thought provoking authors such as Malcolm Gladwell and Chimamanda Ngozi enlighten my mind. Jim Kwik has stated that the best thing to do is forget the information and knowledge we have and open our minds to new material. I am less interested in fiction and fantasy and more intrigued by facts, data and research.

After sharing the 45 books I read/listened to in 2019 on LinkedIn, Buzz reached out, wanting me to share my top ten favourites from the list. It was extremely hard to narrow down my favourites across various topics and genres, but I managed to do it. Check out their article to find out what they were!

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